Saturday, August 7, 2010

wow, after a couple of months I'm here again, so many things happened, well we've moved, before of that we did a yard sale, our first one and I think our last one, it's a lot of work, my kids worked very good that day, they woke up at 5:30am. and started all the staff in the front yard, it was good to meet a lot of people.

Then, end of school, swimming lessons, soccer camp, time to move to our house, but before we had to paint and repair, we had few weeks to do a lot of painting, thanks to friends that help us we finish, then golf camp, basketball camp, World Cup, VBS, etc etc...ufff I'm tired but very happy :), ah, also my parents in law came to help with the house, they did great, very hard workers and happy to see their grand kids, we still have to do many things in our house, i didn't hang any frame or picture, but my scrapbook room is ready.

Right now we are getting ready for school, dentist and doctor appointments, school supplies are done :), so in few weeks I'm going to wake up very early, means the reality is coming and we had a lot of fun the last couple of months.

I've finished some projects, a exploding box, i sent that box to my mom, she loves to see her grand kids.

Have a good week


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